16 Years Old

In 2019, when I was a ninth grader, I saw an announcement posted at my school that the Distau eyes foundation based in my town Woliso would help female students with their studies for those that were getting scores with an average of 80%. And one of the main services provided by the Disatu eyes foundation that caught my attention more than anything was:

The foundation is focused on strengthening education, and just to join the foundation I had to maintain 80% average grade. Without me knowing, I was already thriving to score a better result and that was making me successful.

What I experienced after successfully joining the foundation was beyond my expectation. Joining the foundation helped me expand my horizon they were providing us textbooks that we do not have access to at school or by ourselves.

We receive basic financial support every month, we use it for a variety of expenses, including transportation, school supplies, and hygiene.

I always share my experience with school mates, friends, and family. I tell them how it has helped me in my education and how successful they would be if they work hard like me.


16 years old

I joined this foundation in the year 2019 by exceeding the passing point.
This foundation helps me in different ways: education support, health counseling and monthly financial support [pocket money]. This support we get from the foundation helps us strengthen our potential, me improve my English-speaking ability. Because of the availability of internet connection, it helped us to get acquainted with technology and find things that help us online

We work home unlike the boys. We female students were left behind but now because of this foundation we can focus on our education. The pocket money they give us also helped us not to bother our family.

I share the knowledge I have gained as well as health awareness with my school friends and those who have not had this opportunity.


16 years old

I got to be part of the eyes foundation because I was able to fulfill the requirements the foundation has first set. I was surprised when I came for the first time because I thought it was going to be the same way of teaching as the regular class I was attending, but arriving here and taking the classes was a different experience.

Establishing this purely to help young girls must be much appreciated, and the pocket money we receive has helped me to get a lot of personal and school materials without having to ask my parents. This program has helped me discover a strong self inside me I never thought there was.


16 years old

I become a part of Disatu EYES foundation since October 2018 when I was a ninth grader, and I was able to get the opportunity since I was one of the top students from our school. And ever since I joined the program I have improved much in my grades. I can’t even compare the quality of service we get with what we have in our regular school. The health counseling has also helped me know more about myself and how to take care of myself also.


18 years old

I live in the town of Woliso with my parents and siblings. I am right now a 12th grade student. I joined this foundation when I was in 11th grade due to my good grades in my school. Since I am a natural science student it has helped achieve better grades on subjects like math, physics, and biology. The free health checkup service is something that is very useful and the pocket money we receive is also very good it helps us relieve the burden from our parent and help us to fulfill somethings for ourselves.


18 years old

By joining this foundation, they have made a huge impact in my life. It has helped me get better in my studies. I very much appreciate the support they give us, and all the service, especially the tutorials being focused on STEM subjects. And the computer lab is also very useful to us since we don’t have access in our local school we can come here and do assignment and look up on the internet for additional materials to help us with our studies.

Your Support helps in a BIG way

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