Our Projects

Current Projects

We’re constantly involved in helping our girls achieve their dreams of attending college and having a successful career in whatever industry they choose. Our core areas of support are:

1. Computer / English Training

2. Medical Screening / Sexual Education

3. Financial & Psychological Support

4. Library Access

5. Leadership Training

6. College Scholarship

You Can Help!

All donations go to support one (or more) of the projects below.

Healthy Women – Medical Care & Counsel

We work with a team of experts who provide sex education, menstrual hygiene, one-to-one health counseling, and routine medical screening.

Healthy Kids – Mid-day Meals

Many of our students cannot afford to have lunch provided to them during school days. Our girls are offered mid-day meals as incentive for continued attendance.

STEM Subject Teaching

STEM SUBJECT TEACHING mainly provides instruction in biology, chemistry, physics, math, and technology taking advantage of modern educational tools such as Khan Academy and other online resources. We will also focus on mentorship and developing leadership skills.

Living Stipend

Many girls drop out of secondary school in order to support their families and meet their needs. We plan to provide a stipend to those girls that need it in order to purchase basic necessities such as books, school supplies, and the like to encourage consistent attendance and eventual graduation from high school.

College Scholarships

College scholarships motivate and inspire girls to take part in college education by providing financial support for a health related degree with a condition of serving local community for a year upon completion.

Library and Computer Labs

The lack of library and computer resources in schools is holding students back from excelling in school. Most of the schools do not provide books, computers, or internet services for their students. By partnering with other NGOs, we can build a library and provide computers for children.

Testimonials and Success Stories

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(21 Years Old)
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I am dagmawit mulugeta, now studying medical radiology technology in Addis Ababa univeristy a second year student. I want to thank you for both your recognition of my commitment to academics and also for your financial support so that I may continue these effors...

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(16 Years Old)
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In 2019, when I was a ninth grader, I saw an announcement posted at my school that the Distau eyes foundation based in my town Woliso would help female students with their studies for those that were getting scores with an average of 80%...

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(18 Years Old)
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By joining this foundation, they have made a huge impact in my life it has helped me get better in my studies. I very much appreciate the support they give us, and all the service specially the tutorials being focused on stem subjects. And the computer lab is also very useful to us since we don’t have access in our local school...

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(16 Years Old)
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Establishing this purly to help young girls must be much apriciated, and the pocket mony we recive has helped me to fullfill a lot of persenale and school materials for myself with out having to ask my parents. This program has helped me discover a strong self in side me I never though there was...

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(16 Years Old)
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I become a part of Disatu EYES foundation since October 2018 when I was a ninth grader, and I was able to get the opportunity since I was one of the top students from our school. And ever since I joined the program I have improved much in my grades. I can’t even compare the quality of service we get ...

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