Medical Care Accomplishments


by Shiferaw Mariam



Healthcare is one of the basic needs for the young girls of the EYES foundation. We believe all the girls in our foundation should have access to basic healthcare and have the necessary healthcare information to make informed decisions.

However, for many girls from poor families, medical care is not accessible and general knowledge on health is limited within the family. Women are not well informed about medical care and often unable to find their way to health care facilities. Furthermore, they lack basic knowledge about pregnancy and related issues. This leads to numerous problems including complications at birth, malnutrition, discontinuation of education and other heath-related problems. The foundation helps the students through informing them in group seminars and individual counseling about pregnancy, health and hygiene, nutrition, and other relevant topics. 

In the year 2019, we did medical screening for all our students (n=75). These students were in the age range of fifteen to seventeen. These girls were taken to a local clinic to give blood and urine samples, HIV tests, eye exam and hearing tests. For most of the students this was the first time they received medical screening of this scale.

Most of the students were healthy and normal but we did find few with viral keratitis, rheumatic heart disease, HPV, UTI, IP and poor vision. All were given appropriate medicine and their medical issues were resolved. For some they were advised to seek treatment in the local hospitals.

EYES did pay for their medical screening and for some of the routine over-the-counter medications. We will continue to provide these healthcare screenings and treatment to all of our girls to advance their health and set them up for success and fulfillment in school and life.


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