Disatu EYES 2023 College Students Have Chosen Their Majors 


by Dan Shiferaw


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Congratulations to the alumni of the Disatu EYES Foundation who have declared their majors for university. These 29 young women joined the EYES org in high school receiving educational & healthcare support to eventually pass the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Exam (EHEEE). Another 12 young women have recently started attending university and have not yet declared their majors for a total of 41 program graduates.

DISATU EYES foundation is a non-profit providing educational & healthcare supplementary assistance to high-achieving, low-income girls in secondary school in rural Ethiopia. We encourage these girls to study STEM fields in college. Services provided include tutoring, basic healthcare assessments/training, food stipends, and scholarships.

Our goal is for our students to complete high school, pass the 12th grade national exam, graduate from college, and give back to their communities and society at large. We have had 3 classes of EYES graduates who as a whole have historically outperformed EHEEE local & national pass rates by multiples. For more about the organization, please visit www.eyes.foundation.

Our students attending college still need more financial support for their higher education. As little as $20 a month will go a long way towards helping our girls take care of food, books, & miscellaneous expenses to supply their education & day-to-day living. We also accept donations of iPads, desktop/laptop computers, classroom supplies, summer/spring clothes, menstrual hygiene products. 100% of your tax-deductible financial support will directly be given to these students to cover their needs and help them achieve their dream. Please visit https://eyes.foundation/give/donate to learn more.

See the table below for the breakdown of EYES majors chosen.

MajorNumber of Students Declared
Public Health1
Computer Science2
Public Admin1
Foreign Language1
Not Declared12*

*10 first-year & 2 not declared

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