Foundation’s 12th Graders Excel on the National Exam


by Dan Shiferaw


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94 percent of high school seniors supported by Desatu EYES Foundation passed the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEEE) for enrollment at Ethiopian public universities in 2021.

Over the last 3 years, only 27% of local public high school girls passed the EHEEE as compared to 40% of the foundation’s first class of students in 2020 that passed the EHEEE and 41% of students nationally.

The advantage of enrolling in government-sponsored universities include free tuition and room/board. Since their families do not have adequate incomes to support their girls’ higher education, public colleges are the best path for these students to attain their bachelor’s degrees and build their careers and livelihoods.  

The fact that EYES Foundation supported seniors outperformed local, national, and even our previous class of students speaks volumes to the hard work of our students, the excellent instruction and guidance of our staff, and the success of our program since the summer of 2018.

Local students in rural high schools are at a significant disadvantage compared to urban and private secondary school students, who dominate public universities. We are so proud that our EYES students performed on par with elite private high schools in the nation on the EHEEE, demonstrating how a strong supplemental educational & health program like EYES can have a huge effect on a student’s trajectory. 

 Nevertheless, EYES girls attending university still need some financial support for food, books, & miscellaneous expenses. As little as $180 a year will go a long way helping the college bound students towards putting them in the best position to excel in college. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our college-attending girls, please donate as much as you can spare or only $15 per month. 100% of your tax-deductible financial support will directly be given to these students to cover their needs and help them achieve their dream. Please sponsor at least one student starting now. www.eyes.foundation

For Johnson&Johnson & other companies who have employee matching programs, please use your company website for your donation.   For example, for J&J, click here

We would like to thank J&J for their continued support of our program. Without their initial funding and guidance, we would have never been able to start EYES and reach this significant milestone.


Desatu EYES Foundation Class of 2021

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