The Challenge

Girls in Ethiopia have a soaring dropout rate from primary school combined with a 41% child marriage rate. They have inadequate adolescent health training, limited healthcare, and a lack of recreational and creative outlets. Therefore,  job opportunities and careers for females are limited. Firms with female senior leadership make up fewer than 4% of companies in the country.

In addition, adolescent girls in Ethiopia suffer from a disproportionate share of early age pregnancies, unsafe abortions, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) which include HIV/AIDS, gender based violence, and other serious reproductive health problems. A recent study indicated that more than half of all the 3.27 million births annually are attributed to adolescents.

The Solution

Our holistic strategy focuses on six key areas, highlighted below.

We take a comprehensive approach to our program so we can tackle all major obstacles in our students’ lives and give them the resources and guidance to develop and thrive as people.

We are devoted to empowering young, disadvantaged Ethiopian children through providing the educational, health, and human resources for academic, social, and personal success.

We implement our strategy through our six projects. Click the button below to learn more about the specific work we do!
Our Projects