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Disatu EYES Foundation

Comprehensive STEM tutoring & Healthcare for high-potential Ethiopian High school girls

Did you know?

Girls in Ethiopia have a 62% dropout rate from primary school.

Ethiopian Girls are Being Left Behind…

Below are a few facts about the issues facing young women in Ethiopia. It’s time to fight back!

Ethiopia’s Human Development Index rank: 174/198

Child marriage prevalence: 41%

Women in lower houses of parliament: 39%

Firms with top women managers: 4%

Income for every $1 earned by men: $0.70

Ethiopian girls are being left behind without the same opportunities that are given to men.

We at the Disatu Eyes Foundation are doing everything we can to help as many young women have the educational and career opportunities afforded to others. With your help, we can move things in the right direction!

Dream. Achieve. Succeed. Give Back

With Your Help We Can Change The World!

When you get involved and donate we use every penny to help Ethiopian girls achieve their dreams and ultimately impact society.

All donations make a big difference! $15 per month is all it takes to keep a student in school and take care of basic academic supplies. We also accept donations of iPads, desktop/laptop computers, books, classroom supplies, summer/spring clothes, menstrual hygiene products, and other items that can be helpful for our students. If you share our ambition to help those who are disadvantaged, we would love to partner with you. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these girls and create a brighter future for all.

The Disatu Eyes Foundation is grateful for all our donors, whether they give big or small donations. Their generosity is what allows us to remain sustainable and continue our work. Thank you for your support!

Our Goals

The Disatu EYES Foundation (Empowering Young Ethiopians for Success) is based in Woliso and focuses its projects on young girls that are often carrying the burden of
inequality yet facing unequal access to social and economic rights. We also have a location in the capital city, Addis Ababa, focusing on 5th graders and up following them until they finish middle school & high school to evaluate the difference starting tutoring at an earlier stage makes.

Our 3 main goals are:

1. 80% Pass National College Entrance Exam

In order to be able to attend college each young woman needs to pass the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEEE). Our focus is to make sure at least 80% of our students are able to pass the EHEEE and move on to study in college.

2. Graduate College

After they are able to pass the EHEEE the next goal is to decide on a career that they are passionate about and graduate college successfully. Our team helps each individual girl achieve this dream.

3. Have Successful Career

At the end of the day we want each individual girl to have a bright future and an amazing career. Our girls in college are on track on to join STEM fields and find great joy and success in their careers.

How We Accomplish This…

The Disatu EYES foundation strategy focuses on STEM, sexual education, and counseling. To help these girls pass the national exam, do well in college, and have a successful career, we:

1. Medical Care & Counsel: provide sex education, menstrual hygiene, one- to-one health counseling and routine medical screening

2. Healthy Kids Mid-Day Meals: offer mid-day meals as incentive for continued attendance

3. STEM Subject Teaching: provide instruction in biology, chemistry, physics, math, English, and technology taking advantage of modern educational tools such as Khan Academy and other online resources

4. Stipend: provide a general-purpose stipend for consistent high school attendance.

5. College Scholarships: provide financial support for a health-related degree.

Testimonials and Success Stories

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(21 Years Old)
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I am dagmawit mulugeta, now studying medical radiology technology in Addis Ababa univeristy a second year student. I want to thank you for both your recognition of my commitment to academics and also for your financial support so that I may continue these effors...

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(16 Years Old)
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In 2019, when I was a ninth grader, I saw an announcement posted at my school that the Distau eyes foundation based in my town Woliso would help female students with their studies for those that were getting scores with an average of 80%...

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(18 Years Old)
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By joining this foundation, they have made a huge impact in my life it has helped me get better in my studies. I very much appreciate the support they give us, and all the service specially the tutorials being focused on stem subjects. And the computer lab is also very useful to us since we don’t have access in our local school...

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(16 Years Old)
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Establishing this purly to help young girls must be much apriciated, and the pocket mony we recive has helped me to fullfill a lot of persenale and school materials for myself with out having to ask my parents. This program has helped me discover a strong self in side me I never though there was...

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(16 Years Old)
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I become a part of Disatu EYES foundation since October 2018 when I was a ninth grader, and I was able to get the opportunity since I was one of the top students from our school. And ever since I joined the program I have improved much in my grades. I can’t even compare the quality of service we get ...

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Performance Highlights for the Year 2019-2022

50% of our 2022 students passed the exam and are attending a university.

We are proud of our students for working hard all year long and studying to pass the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEEE).

We’re particularly proud because on average only 3% of students who attend the local high schools passed the EHEEE and are attending a university.

Percent students who passed the national exam and attending universities

YearDisatu EYES StudentsLocal High School StudentsImprovement

Your Support helps in a BIG way

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