Empower the next generation of young Ethiopian women by providing critical healthcare and education services to build towards a healthier, more equal, and more productive future.


Make the Disatu EYES Foundation the best educational center for female secondary school students in Ethiopia and East Africa.


Ethiopian girls are being left behind. Behind in education, behind in healthcare, and behind in the workplace. The Disatu EYES (Empowering Young Ethiopians for Success) foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization focused on the critical needs of these young women with the goal of providing essential resources to improve their lives. EYES will empower the next generation of strong, young Ethiopian women by providing educational services, healthcare assessments, and healthcare training. Our holistic strategy seeks to address all facets of these girls’ educational and health needs so they can become successful in school and life! Our ultimate goal is to help low-income female students graduate from 12th grade, attend college, and build their careers through educational support, so they can help their community and the development of their region and country.


As a young child, Shiferaw, born in Ethiopia, traveled two miles by foot to learn at his school. He loved learning, worked hard, and, after spending a year abroad in high school in the United States as part of the AFS (American Field Service) program, earned a scholarship to Ohio Wesleyan University. After earning his PhD and working at Johnson & Johnson for over thirty years developing prescription drugs positively affecting thousands of lives, Shiferaw decided that he wanted to enable Ethiopian children like his former self to learn and achieve. Believing through his own experience that a good education is invaluable and the best way to lift a generation of children out of poverty and into positions of power to help their communities, Shiferaw founded EYES to help further his vision of providing educational opportunity to those who need it most. The organization’s name is in honor of Shiferaw’s mother, Disatu Negassa.

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